Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Couple Random Thoughts

Yes, I know - I haven't made any posts here in a while. But a couple stories came up this week that I had to comment on. I'll try to make my entries a bit more frequent now.

First, why did Scranton-Wilkes Barre even feel the need to change their nickname from the Red Barons ? That name at least had some tradition and relevance. To change it to Yankees (in a time when nobody anymore is using the parent team's name) seems like a pure marketing scheme, and nothing else. Do you think if their new affiliate was the Devil Rays or Nationals that they would have used those names ? It almost seems like they are insulting the fans in the area by saying, "maybe you couldn't find us before when we were the Red Barons, but now that we're the Yankees, you will know about us." I'm sure the new affiliation will generate an attendance growth (at least initially), but wouldn't this have happened even if they had stuck with the Red Baron's name ?

Also this week, a land swap deal in Beloit that may have gotten the Snappers a ballpark to replace Pohlman Field fell through. But why do they even need a new ballpark in Beloit ? The Snappers are community owned and nonprofit. Now I do understand that Pohlman Field doesn't meet minor league facility standards, but this has been the case since 1991. What has changed recently that they all of a sudden they need a new park so badly ? Yes, Pohlman Field isn't a great ballpark, but it does have a great small town atmosphere that isn't found at too many parks these days. Here's hoping that even if Beloit can't get a new ballpark built that the Snappers won't be sold and moved.


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