Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where am I ?

Having just returned from my big ballpark road trip, I noticed a disturbing new trend among the affiliated minor league teams. As if may teams doing the same promotions and on-field games wasn't bad enough, now we have companies actually sponsoring the same exact on-field game at multiple ballparks. Hamburger Helper, BC Powder, and Advance Auto Parts must be in partnership with MiLB as they all sponsored the same games at several of the South Atlantic League and Southern Leagues games I attended. For Hamburger Helper, it's the "throw the meat in the frying pan" contest. For BC Powder, it's the "throw the ball thru the board" contest. And for Advance Auto Parts, it's the "wipeout inning" contest. This is one of the big problems I have with minor league baseball now - no teams try to differentiate themselves by doing unique contests or promotions. It used to be that each minor league team would try to bring some hometown flavor to the ballpark experience. But with big business taking over in 90% of the markets, going to a ballgame is becoming a more and more generic experience.

On my trip, I saw 15 games in 15 different ballparks. I have started posting some new photos and reviews and will continue to do so over the next month or so.


Edward said...

It's not limited to affiliated ball. Advance Auto Parts sponsors the "wipeout inning" at Washington Wild Things games also.

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