Saturday, October 29, 2005

Baseball Landing in Plymouth ?

According to recent articles including this one from today, it appears that baseball may be coming to Plymouth, MA in time for the 2007 season. A new 5,500 seat ballpark is proposed as part of a complex that would include a sports dome and banquet facility. No word yet on what league they would play in, but speculation is that it would be the Can-Am League. With teams in nearby Brockton and Lynn, Plymouth would be a natural fit. Further details will be available on November 7th as a press conference is scheduled for that day. The proposed team even has a website up and running already.

Speaking of the Can-Am League, the alignment for next year is up in the air right now, but should be settled soon. Nashua apparently is trying to gain entrance, in which case they would drop out of the Atlantic League. With a full season team in nearby Manchester, Nashua would probably be better off playing in league with a shorter season. The CAL is also looking at Augusta, NJ as a possible location after the Cardinals flew off to State College. I'd like to see the league expand to 10 teams next year, but it's looking like that won't happen until '07 unless a road team is utilized again.


Sadie Lynn said...

How interesting a winter it has been for the Can-Am League.

New Jersey's in and out, a revolving door with the Millennium Group. But, they seem to have finally gotten on board. Everyone thinks the Grays are coming back, and wham, the league decides to have Elmira or Nashua not play this season. And the Pioneers are sitting this season out.

Word has the Can-Am League moving into Montreal and Ottawa in 2007 and if Elmira comes back that opens another slot ...

By the way, I write Independent Thinking, which covers independent league baseball at Most Valuable Network. I've added a link to your site, if you like mine a return would be wonderful.

Sadie Lynn said...

Sorry, not Nashua, but New Haven was the alternate franchise.

Brian said...

Montreal definitely needs to get a team, but until they build a minor league size ballpark, I don't expect them to get one. Having a minor league team play at Olympic Stadium seems silly to me.

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