Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kiss Kam

It seems that the big trend sweeping the nation at minor league (and some major league) ballparks is the Kiss Cam. If you have a video board, it is a requirement that you do this at some point around the 5th inning. To me, I never understood the fascination with wanting to be on the video board - it's not like 99% of the people in the park will know who you are. And I guess now it's not just good enough to be shown, you have to be shown doing something (in this case canoodling with your spouse or SO). And if this weren't annoying enough, now teams are trying to be funny by pointing the camera at two players on the opposing team, who either end up ignoring the camera or giving each other a small peck to the delight of the crowd. And for those teams without a video board, I'm sure they will be getting one soon, just so they can do Kiss Cam !

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