Sunday, June 19, 2005

New Jersey : Home of the Brattiest Kids ?

Is it just me or does New Jersey have the brattiest kids of anyplace in the country ? If last night's Somerset Patriots game was any example, the answer would have to be yes. I understand as well as anyone that minor league teams need to attract kids and cater to them. Relying on hardcore baseball fans (like myself) is not enough for a minor league team to survive. But if a team is going to invite a whole Little League to their ballpark, they had better take some responsibility for controlling the kids. Last night at Commerce Bank Ballpark, it seemed as if there were hundreds of kids running around without any supervision whatsoever. All they were doing were annoying the real fans and the ushers (who were useless in trying to control them). Please, if you're going to invite a whole league of players, ensure there are enough adults around to supervise them. The night was summed up quite well by a fan sitting behind me who said towards the end of the game, "I don't care if I never see another kid again."

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